Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2017

Least Attractive Emerging Logistics Markets

Survey question: Which of the following countries do you believe have the LEAST potential as emerging logistics markets?(Please rank)

The ranking of emerging markets with the least potential sees Syria, a country beset with violence and instability, maintain its position at the head of the list, having moved away from the pack as respondents collectively add emphasis to the perception this year. The ongoing insecurity across vast swathes of the country has led to conflict of such intensity that damage has left major areas of the country uninhabitable, let alone functional enough to demand commercial logistics operations. Two other countries that have suffered heavily as a result of conflict – Libya and Iraq – join Syria at the top of the ranking again this year, although Libya has leapfrogged Iraq into 2nd position. Libya’s rise reflects a lack of progress made by the various administrations empowered to bring embattled areas of the country under the rule of law. Overall, the Middle East & North Africa region contributes four further countries to the list, with Iran, Egypt and Algeria also making the top 10.​

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Sources: Transport Intelligence

Sources: Transport Intelligence