Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2017


Size & Growth Attractiveness

The most symbolic development within the Market Size & Growth Attractiveness sub-Index this year is that India has surpassed China to take the top spot in the ranking for the first time. This is mainly thanks to India’s superior economic growth forecasts over the medium-term.

Another major development in the year is the decline of Nigeria’s score and rank – its economic outlook has been substantially downgraded following the oil price crash among other things. Other major oil producers have also suffered to one degree or another, though Nigeria appears to have been the hardest hit.

Given difficult global economic conditions, there aren’t too many markets making decent strides forward, but the Philippines is one of them, moving up from 12th to 8th. Egypt is another, up from 14th to 10th, as its score has improved to 6.77. Argentina has jumped from 28th to 22nd primarily by virtue of the Macri government setting out a credible economic plan.

Of the five countries included in the Index for the first time, Iran enters at 16th, sandwiched between its regional rivals Saudi Arabia (14th) and UAE (19th). Iran also made substantial gains in this sub-Index year-on-year, moving up from 21st to 16th. The remaining four new entrants, Angola, Ghana, Mozambique and Myanmar, are unsurprisingly all towards the bottom of the ranking. Their scores and ranks did not change much compared to last year.​​

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Sources: Transport Intelligence