Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2017

Market Connectedness

As was the case last year, the top 10 ranking positions for Market Connectedness exhibit a large amount of continuity year-on-year as the markets to occupy the top four positions – UAE, Malaysia, China and Chile – were identical, while nine of the 10 retained their positions in the top 10.

Russia regressed from 10th to 13th as the overall quality of its infrastructure is judged to have worsened, as has the burden of its customs procedures. It was replaced in the top 10 by Kazakhstan, which has jumped up to 9th on the back of a score gain of almost 0.7, thanks to better infrastructure and customs procedures.

Two major markets, India and Brazil, appear to be going in different directions. India is clearly taking steps to address its infrastructure deficit, having moved up to 18th, while Brazil is continuing its slide into mediocrity as it has fallen to 28th.

Among the five new Index markets, Iran ranks best at 27th, followed by Ghana (35th), while Mozambique (44th), Myanmar (49th) and Angola (50th) are among the poorest connected emerging markets.​

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Sources: Transport Intelligence