Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2017

Market Compatibility​​

Seven of the top 10 ranked markets for Compatibility now come from the Middle East & North Africa region, compared to just five last year. The UAE retains its position at the top for a third consecutive year, with its abundance of free trade zones, no corporation tax, the offer of full ownership and unlimited repatriation of profits still setting the benchmark for emerging markets. That said, Qatar (2nd) has more or less halved the gap between itself and the UAE in terms of score, as trade barriers continue to be diminished.

While Oman’s score also improved, Bahrain’s gain was much more pronounced. It has moved from 11th to 4th on the back of lower trade barriers and business costs of crime and terrorism. Morocco (9th) was the other new entry to the top 10, as Chile and Malaysia fell outside. Russia continues its descent down the rankings from 16th to 18th as its relationships with most of the international community continue to be frosty, though the relationship between Putin and Trump will be one to watch going forward.

India has progressed from 21st to 19th as FDI has increased and trade barriers have lowered. Enhanced international investment will no doubt depend on improvements to the country’s regulatory and bureaucratic structure. The news around GST appears to have generated renewed hope that meaningful improvements can and will be made.

Among the five new entrants to the Index, Ghana ranks highest at 22nd, one place better than Iran at 23rd. Ghana has improved year-on-year thanks to lower trade barriers and business costs of crime and terrorism. Its above average overall scores in these facets are core drivers behind its decent ranking. Mozambique, Angola and Myanmar all languish below 40th place.​​​

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Sources: Transport Intelligence